President Museveni Urges New Ministers to Combat Corruption and Drive Wealth Creation

President Museveni highlighted that 80% of the task at hand could be achieved by focusing on these two key factors. The President's call comes in the wake of the appointments committee of Parliament's approval of the ministers, underscoring the government's commitment to addressing corruption and promoting wealth creation and prosperity in Uganda.

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the president of Uganda, has called on the recently appointed ministers to combat corruption and inspire the public to create prosperity.

He informed them that while corruption is a distorter because it affects many efforts, 80% of the task can be completed if two things are done: eliminating corruption and mobilizing wealth growth.

During the six newly appointed ministers’ swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday at State House Entebbe, the President delivered the following remarks.

This occurred the day after the appointments committee of Parliament had examined and approved them on Monday.

Among the new ministers are

President Museveni was present at the swearing-in ceremony, which was overseen by Lucy Nakyobe, the Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of Public Service.

The President announced a reorganization of the Cabinet last Thursday, March 21, which included the new appointees.

Mary Goretti Kitutu was replaced by Peter Lokeris as the minister of Karamoja affairs as a result of the reforms.

Agnes Nandutu, the state minister for the same docket, was also removed and Nambozo took her position.

Markson Jacob Oboth was promoted from state minister to minister of this docket, replacing Vincent Ssempijja as minister of defense.

Six days following the announcement of the Cabinet reorganization, Museveni welcomed the newly appointed ministers and assigned Balaam (seen speaking below) the duty of inspiring the younger generation to choose any of the four economic areas that can enable them to generate riches.

They are ICT, services, manufacturing and artisanship, and commercial agriculture.

In addition, the President promised to pardon opposition lawmakers and members who have been charged with inciting young people to participate in unlawful rallies by setting fire to automobile tires on public roadways.

He stated that since the government spends a lot of money building this kind of infrastructure and safeguarding Ugandans’ lives, this would only be granted if they pledged never to engage in such criminal activity again.

Nakyobe, for her part, asked the newly appointed ministers to uphold the President’s confidence in them.

“I would like to congratulate you on this accomplishment, as it marks a significant turning point in your lives. Your appointment is a demonstration of the President’s faith in you and the public at large. May you live up to the President’s expectations of you and the hopes and dreams of the Ugandan people.

Nakyobe also gave the audience an introduction to Gloria Asio Omaswa, the president’s new Principal Private Secretary (PPS).

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