Presidential Initiative on Skilling the Girl-Child 2017


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has launched “The presidential initiative on skilling the girl child” at the Northern wing, Wandegeya market. Under this initiative, 700 girls are currently enrolled for training at the two centres in Kampala

Speaking at the launch, President Museveni informed the gathering that after ensuring peace and stability in the nation, it is now possible to start such initiatives and that these are what Uganda needs to attain Middle income development goals. Addressing himself to elected leaders in Kampala district in particular and the country at large, President Museveni urged them to help develop their communities. “These elected leaders have the task to stir development and wealth creation of their respective areas of service.”

In 2017, State House Uganda under the President’s directive, started the project with an aim of empowering underprivileged girls with various basic skills in Tailoring, Weaving, Embroidery, Knitting, Shoe making, Hair dressing, Bakery and Confectionery.

The program considers vulnerable girls who have dropped out of school, those who haven’t attained any formal education, unemployed girls and orphans. The girls being trained are between the ages of 15 to 30 years. Lunch is provided at the various centers in order to cut down on the costs since most of them come from humble backgrounds.


Way forward

The Presidential Initiative on Skilling The girl child, is set to reduce on the unemployment rates of youthful girls. The skills of baking, tailoring, weaving, shoe-making and hair-dressing will help them to either start up small businesses which can later grow to employ others. 

President Museveni encouraged girls within the divisions of Kampala to embrace this initiate and acquire these trainings. ” We also plan to increase the number of these canters to cover all the divisions of Kampala to reduce on transport cost for the girls and also provide tools and capital to all those who will have completed the trainings successfully” revealed the President.

This initiative has been hailed as one that has the potential of eliminating the importation of second-hand clothes since the trained girls will be able to make clothes in the long run. This will also provide market for raw materials like cotton from Kasese. 

President Museveni hailed the initiative as one that will help the girl child create wealth and also help uplift others by creating jobs when their businesses expand. The initiative is set to train and equip all the girls in Kampala who require these skills.

The initiative aims to reduce on the unemployment rates of youthful girls by equipping them with practical knowledge and skills to start up their own business ventures.

The initiative is currently being implemented in six (6) training centers and there are high prospects of expanding to other areas in the country with time. The centers are located in Wandegeya Market (Northern Wing), Nakulabye at our lady of Fatina Catholic Church, Kigowa at Ntinda Catholic Church, Luzira prisons at Prison Training School, Mutundwe and Subway located between UBC TV and Crested Towers

Updates on Skilling The Girl-Child