youth livelihood programme


The Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP) is a Government of Uganda Programme, targeting the unemployed and poor youth in the country. The Programme was launched in the FY 2013/14 with the main objective of empowering the youth to harness their social economic potential and increase self employment opportunities and income levels.

NRM recognizes previously marginalized social groups, seeks to uplift them and address their issues. This is why we started Youth Councils, Women Councils, Elderly Councils and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) Councils from the village to national level.

To uplift these previously marginalized social groups and address their issues, we started youth councils, women councils, elderly councils and PWD councils from the village to the national level.

This affirmative action was deliberate to ensure that these social groups are represented at all canters of decision-making. Socio-economically, NRM continues to implement programmes like free education, skilling, immunization and provision of water to benefit mainly the youth and women.

NRM introduced the youth livelihood and women entrepreneurship programmes to help the youth and women respectively to engage in income-generating activities.


In the last nine years, over Ush160.2 billion has been spent under the Youth Livelihood Programme, which has benefitted over 20,159 youth-led projects.


Under the Women Entrepreneurship Fund, over Ush106 billion has been spent.


NRM has rolled out Social Assistance Grant for the Elderly (SAGE) to assist them earn a monthly income for a living. Under NAADS, we are going to provide families

of the elderly with agricultural inputs and technologies to support their livelihood.

Under Emyooga programme, we will support SACCOs for the elderly. All these interventions will be implemented per homestead under the parish model.

Persons With Disabilities 

NRM recognizes that disability is not inability. PWDs are also represented in subcounty councils, district councils and Parliament. NRM has also ensured that the fundamental right to quality education is availed to PWDs at all levels.


Way forward

a. NRM will continue with the representation of the formerly marginalized groups in decision-making at different levels.

b. With improvement in the economy, we will increase the budget for the youth, women, PWD and elderly councils.

c. We have introduced Emyooga and industrial hubs for the youth and all different groups, including women. The OWC programmes will also cover youth, women, elderly and PWDs.

d. Continue with SAGE that benefits the elderly and consider lowering the age of beneficiaries from 80 years. With time, the age will be lowered.

e. Fund the operations of the youth, women, PWDs and the elderly council.

f. Give support to vulnerable PWDs to enable them lead a dignified basic life. The support will target persons with multiple disabilities, children and women.

g. Strengthen juvenile justice system.

Updates on Youth Livelihood Programme