Tough Measures Implemented to Recover Emyooga Funds in Kibaale District

Mr. Godwin Angalia Kasigwa, Kibaale's Resident Area Commissioner, has taken a firm stance on recovering 1.2 billion shillings disbursed under the Emyooga scheme, urging commercial and production personnel and the police to expedite the process. With only 36.5% of the funds retrieved so far, Mr. Kasigwa has issued a directive to collect 60% promptly or face arrest.

Kibaale’s Resident area Commissioner, Mr. Godwin Angalia Kasigwa, has taken a tough position on recovering Emyooga money in the area.

He has urged commercial and production personnel, as well as the Kibaale Police, to hasten the retrieval of 1.2 billion shillings disbursed under the Emyooga scheme.

Currently, just 36.5% of disbursed money have been retrieved, which is cause for concern.

The Emyooga monies were awarded to nearly 2,000 people throughout 36 SACCOs that work in crop farming, animal husbandry, and other industries.

However, some recipients have failed to meet their payback responsibilities.

To address this, Mr. Kasigwa has issued a clear directive: collect 60% of the disbursed funds as soon as possible, or face arrest for defaulters.

Interestingly, certain defaulters have made diverse assertions. Some say that President Museveni offered the Emyooga cash as a token of appreciation in exchange for overwhelming votes in the previous elections.

Others, particularly certain leaders, feel themselves untouchable and immune to consequences.

Despite these explanations, Mr. Kasigwa maintains that the money were always designed as a revolving fund.

He has directed officials to work with the police to ensure that individuals who took the money meet their repayment commitments.

Mr. Kasigwa stated that any attempts to avoid responsibility will result in swift arrest.

Mr. Kasigwa has also raised worry about the quality of coffee production. He intends to jail farmers who harvest immature coffee beans and those who degrade their quality by boiling them.

His unrelenting commitment to accountability aims to protect beneficiaries’ livelihoods and the integrity of the cash crop.

In summary, the Emyooga initiative has experienced both successes and setbacks. While some SACCOs thrived, others failed owing to mismanagement of funds.

Successful beneficiaries have expressed gratitude to President Museveni for his beneficial influence in their lives.

The district authorities remain committed in their efforts to ensure the correct use of Emyooga money and the program’s intended purpose.

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