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Presidential Initiatives
Youth Hubs

The Parish Development Model

The Parish Development Model (PDM) is the last mile strategy for service delivery by Government of Uganda for improving incomes and welfare of all Ugandans at the household level. It is an extension of the whole-of-Government approach to development as envisaged under NDPIII, with the Parish as the lowest administrative and operational hub for delivering services closer to the people and hence foster local economic development. The PDM underlies the spirit of harmonization of Government interventions with every MDAs focusing on; delivering services closer to the people; and measurable results at the Parish level in order to ensure transformation of the subsistence Households into the money economy. This transformation requires organized, integrated, well-coordinated and results-based efforts.

Presidential Initiative on the 4-Acre Model

The project is being implemented under Operation Wealth Creation (OWC); a government programme aimed at improving Ugandans’ livelihoods through farming.


Tough Measures Implemented to Recover Emyooga Funds in Kibaale District

Mr. Godwin Angalia Kasigwa, Kibaale’s Resident Area Commissioner, has taken a firm stance on recovering 1.2 billion shillings disbursed under the Emyooga scheme, urging commercial and production personnel and the police to expedite the process. With only 36.5% of the funds retrieved so far, Mr. Kasigwa has issued a directive to collect 60% promptly or face arrest.

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