President Museveni’s Commitment to Rural Prosperity: A Focus on Wealth Creation

They discussed wealth creation strategies, emphasizing the importance of commercial agriculture, particularly initiatives like Ekibaro. The president highlighted ongoing efforts to reduce poverty and increase household incomes, stemming from a trial project that began in 2011.

President Yoweri Museveni and his wife, Maama Janet, spent the day at Kisozi farm, meeting with leaders from Gomba and Sembabule districts. They were joined by successful farmers who shared insights into their wealth-creation practices.

During the visit, President Museveni invited mobilizers and the Youth Minister, Hon. Barugahara, to learn about surrounding communities’ success in reducing poverty and increasing household incomes. This program derives from a trial project that began in 2011 and benefited nine villages.

According to the president, the National Resistance Movement (NRM)’s primary mission of wealth creation remains unchanged. The farmers’ experiences underscore the importance of commercial agriculture, particularly efforts like Ekibaro, in bringing people out of poverty and integrating them into the official economy.

President Museveni stressed the need of persistent wealth creation activities, highlighting the role of agricultural development in altering livelihoods. Communities can work together to achieve economic empowerment by pooling resources and sharing expertise.

The president stated that the visit to Kisozi Farm provided as a platform for evaluating the efficacy of existing wealth creation programs and finding areas for development. The President and his wife claimed to actively participate in auditing these operations to ensure that resources are used efficiently and productively.

He stressed that the NRM seeks to promote long-term growth and prosperity in rural communities through collaboration among government institutions, local leaders, and grassroots organizations. Uganda may accomplish long-term economic growth and poverty reduction by empowering farmers and fostering entrepreneurial activities.

According to an NRM party statement, President Museveni’s commitment to wealth creation demonstrates the government’s dedication to addressing socioeconomic challenges and improving the quality of life for all citizens, and that while the audit of wealth creation activities in Kisozi continues, the government remains focused on implementing strategies that drive inclusive growth and prosperity across the country.

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