President Museveni Champions Agricultural Empowerment and Education Reform

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni met with a delegation of farmers from Ntungamo and Rukungiri districts, emphasizing the revolutionary four-acre farming model to empower individuals with small plots of land. This model includes diversification with coffee, fruit trees, staple foods, and pasture, alongside backyard poultry, piggery, and fish farming.

On Tuesday, March 12, 2024, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni met with a delegation of farmers from the Ntungamo and Rukungiri districts at State House in Entebbe.

Maj. Gen. (Rtd), Minister of Security and Member of Parliament for Rujumbura County, headed the group. Jim Muhwezi and Ms. Peace Rugambwa, Chairperson of Boona Bagagawale-Nyekundire Group Limited, Ntungamo District.

During the discussion, President Museveni underlined the need of empowering individuals with tiny plots of land by implementing the revolutionary four-acre model of farming.

He emphasized that this strategy promotes diversification, with one acre allocated to coffee cultivation, another to fruit trees, a third to staple foods for home consumption, and a fourth to pasture for cattle. He went on to say that a farmer in his backyard can raise chicken, piggery, and fish in ponds.

“If you do this type of farming, that means we will have defeated poverty through commercial agriculture,” President Museveni explained.

According to the President, this method directly supports the current Parish Development Model (PDM) by assisting farmers in transitioning from subsistence farming to commercial agriculture, which would enable communities to achieve economic success and long-term livelihoods.

Furthermore, President Museveni emphasized the importance of unity and cohesion among National Resistance Movement (NRM) supporters in order to fully benefit from government programs such as PDM and Emyooga, urging attendees to champion these initiatives and widely disseminate their benefits to the masses.

On the other hand, President Museveni announced the government’s intention to raise Uganda Martyrs Technical Institute to the Engineering Faculty of Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

“We have looked into the possibility of converting the Technical School into the Faculty of Engineering of Mbarara University since it is the government’s mandate to promote as many science disciplines as possible,” the president remarked.

Meanwhile, Mr. Alfred Atwiine, a resident of Ruhinda subcounty in Rukungiri District, gave an inspiring story about the Bona Bagagawale-Nyekundire Group Limited program’s transforming power.

Mr. Atwiine expressed gratitude for the opportunity he had in 2016 when he was given a quarter kilogram of onion seeds.

He claimed to have harvested six sacks of onions from a half-acre of land.

“I was able to obtain Shs1.25 million, allowing me to take my children to school. Since then, I have not looked back. I have taken full advantage of every government program, and I am where I am today because of them. Thank you, Your Excellency,” Mr. Atwiine stated.

Hon. Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa, Rukungiri Municipality’s Member of Parliament, also attended the meeting.

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