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ilabs project

iLabs@MAK is a CEDAT based research project that develops remote Laboratories on the iLabs Platform to supplement the conventional Laboratories under the Electrical Engineering Department. An iLab system links three computer stations: a Lab Server which runs the laboratory hardware, a Client – the graphical user interface customized to remotely access the laboratory hardware and a Service Broker which manages access to the laboratory and mediates information flow between the Lab Server and the Client. 

iLabs@MAK is carried out in collaaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) and the University of Dar-es-salaam. The fundermental hardware and software used is provided mainly by National Instruments (NI).

Advancing knowledge and skills beneficial to Uganda in particular and the world at large through collaboration with pre-eminent Research institutions spearheaded by MIT.

To facilitate the improvement of the student learning experience by contributing meaningfully to the movement within higher education leading to global sharing of lab experiments over the Internet.

iLabs@MAK comprises student developers (both Graduate and Undergraduate) and members of staff from the Faculty of Technology. The student developers carry out research in development of new labs to support curricula of the Bsc. Electrical, Telecommunications and Computer Engineering Programmes. To date, laboratories have been developed supporting experimentation in the fields of Digital circuit analysis, Amplitude/Frequency Modulation, Pulse Code Modulation and Digital Data Transmission.

These experiments are used in the courses of Introduction to Digital Electronics (1st year), Applied Digital Electronics, Basic Telephony and Communication Theory I (3rd year). The ongoing research seeks to develop laboratories supporting the fields of Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Systems, Fiber Optic Systems, and Control Systems Engineering.