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President Museveni officially opened one of these hubs for the Madi sub-region on Thursday, April 13, 2023. It is situated in the Dazaipi sub-county, Adjumani district.

Just before leaving, Museveni spoke to a group, saying that the zonal hubs should prioritize providing for the necessities of life, including as clothing, food, and shelter, since they can lead to economic prospects for them.

It is critical that our kids acquire these abilities because, as evidenced by the shirts you all wear, you all support international trade. “Your children don’t have money, even though you paid money to support foreign businesses,” he said to the crowd.

“I want these children to learn to make everything we use here so that we preserve our wealth and don’t squander it.”


The President said that the goods created needed to be marketable in Uganda, Africa, and around the world. He also pledged to help the recipients implement what they had learnt.

This industrial hub is here to demonstrate what can be done in contemporary society and is tabika (Madi for an exam).

President Museveni asked the administrators of the industrial hub to include instruction on teaching students how to prepare animal feeds using maize and other raw materials.

‘Securing your future through wealth creation and shared prosperity’ is the topic of the President’s investment and wealth creation tour in the West Nile sub-region.

The Adjumani Zonal Industrial Hub began operations in March of this year and is currently providing free training to 236 adolescents, 112 of them are female, according to State House Comptroller Jane Barekye.

They come from the districts of Adjumani, Moyo, and Obongi, regardless of how educated they are.

They are proficient at welding, carpentry, joinery, building & construction, and tailoring.

President Museveni established the State House Zonal Industrial Hubs in an effort to reduce young unemployment by giving them access to a variety of practical skills.