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cluster programs

The main purpose of the programme is to stimulate and facilitate the development of innovation systems and innovative clusters in Eastern Africa.

The objectives of the programme are:

  1. To facilitate and enhance innovativeness among firms and farms
  2. To facilitate enhance competition and cooperation among firms and farms within clusters and sectors.
  3. To nurture a competitive mindset amongst the cluster members.

The key expected outputs

  1. A network of capable individuals interested in innovation systems and clusters formed
  2. Innovation systems and clusters identified and characterized for possible in-depth study (mapping of clusters and innovation systems)
  3. In-depth study of selected clusters and innovation systems carried out, including: 
  4. Assessment of extent to which they are innovative and bottlenecks for growth.
  5. Determination of mechanisms that will make innovation systems and clusters in the various sectors stronger and sustainable.
  6. Consolidation of potentially innovative clusters stimulated
  7. Innovativeness of firms and farms within pilot existing and new clusters and innovation systems stimulated
  8. Various advocacy initiatives implemented
  9. Short and long-term training in innovations and innovation systems and clusters established
  10. National Steering Committees (NSC), National Coordinating Offices and a cluster development monitoring system established.