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Emyooga Program Empowers Women Entrepreneurs in Kabarole District

Women in Kabarole District have experienced significant business growth through the Emyooga program, facilitated by trainings from the Microfinance Support Centre (MSC) and access to Emyooga funds via their savings and credit cooperatives (SACCOs).

Women in Kabarole District who have seen their businesses develop exponentially after joining the Emyooga program are praising it.
The women received trainings from the Microfinance Support Centre (MSC) and Emyooga funds through their saccos, enabling them to launch and grow small businesses and achieve financial independence.

Under Burahya Restaurant Omwoga Sacco, the Kyakaigo Restaurant Owner’s Omwooga Association stands out as an incredible success story, illustrating how the program is assisting women in breaking the poverty line.

Joan Bahomugisha, the chairperson of the Kyakaigo Restaurant Owner’s Omwooga Association and the head of publicity for Burahya Restaurant Omwooga Sacco, a company that produces wine, liquid soap, and herbal jelly called Jepa Product Care, said that they were able to carry out profitable production activities with the help of Emyooga funds.

Bahomugisha added that they were able to purchase a piece of land and are currently erecting a building on it, and that their capacity to continue production is a result of the funding they received from Emyooga.

“The money was given to us in installments. We were given shs3 million at first, then shs 5 million a month later, for a total of shs8 million. We used this money for a month before paying it back. We were later awarded an additional Shs10 million, which we also fully reimbursed. After that, we were given an additional Shs 10 million, which we are still repaying. We bought our plot of land with some of these cash, and we’re currently building a building on it,” Bahomugisha stated.

She said that they did not have enough money to start production prior to getting Emyooga cash.
But with the money in hand, they were able to start making wine, which has turned out to be more profitable for them than just using loans and savings.

Prior to being granted funding by Emyooga, our associations had no commercial operations. We borrowed only a small amount of money. But after getting funding from Emyooga, we decided to try our hand at making wine and hibiscus juice, which turned out to be very successful. We launched Jepa Products as a result of this success, which has helped us make even more money. We now know that putting money into manufacturing pays off more than depending just on borrowing and savings.”
She commended their endeavor for greatly enhancing their lives and business, resulting in their prosperity.

“I had no possessions prior to Emyooga. Now, with the assistance of Emyooga funding, I have bought a property in my name and begun rearing goats. Emyooga money has had a significant impact on the productive activities that all of the women in this area are involved in.”
Burahya Restaurant Owner’s Omwooga Sacco’s general secretary, Moreen Karungi, stated that she joined Emyooga following Senior Four, and the money she received has greatly improved her restaurant business.
“Our association received shs5 million from the shs30 million that our Sacco received, which we divided among ourselves. Since I operate a hotel, I made further upgrades and purchases of utensils with the money I was given. In my youth, my hotel has now reached a standard that generates sufficient profits for me, which I reinvest in other businesses.”

She credited the money from the Emyooga program for the financial freedom that has allowed many mothers to support themselves and send their kids to school.
In her thanks to President Museveni and MSC for allowing women to participate in the Emyooga program, Judith Kanyiginya, a member of Burahya Restaurant Owner’s Omwooga Sacco, emphasized the program’s revolutionary influence on promoting economic self-reliance.
She mentioned Emyooga’s contribution to the stability of families in their area.
As a component of the government’s larger job and wealth development program, the Emyooga program has been essential in Uganda’s socioeconomic transition since its debut in 2019.

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