Successful Disbursement of Parish Development Funds in Gulu District

Gulu District has successfully disbursed the parish development funds, with 99% of households already receiving their parish revolving funds (PRF).

The parish development concept in Gulu District has been fully disbursed. There were a few mistakes with beneficiary names, NIN numbers, and locations, but they are being addressed.

On Tuesday, January 16th, 2024, Deputy Resident District Commissioner Gulu District, Mr. Cosmas James Okidi, and Principal Commercial Officer, Mr. Alfred Ocen, spoke on radio Rupiny fm to confirm the registration of 641 enterprise groupings and 9,037 households in the PDMIS. They also stated that 4,942 households (99%) had already received parish revolving funds (PRF).

“Gulu District received a total of Ugx 5,026,925,850 in parish revolving funds, which were distributed to 47 PDM SACCOs.” “This means that the 4,942,000,000/= has been distributed to 4,942 households,” said Commercial Officer Alfred Ocen.

According to the DRDC, SACCO leaders have faced significant challenges in operationalizing PDMIS-FIS due to a lack of ICT competence, equipment, and data. This has made it hard for PDM SACCOs to operate independently without technological assistance, and they must relocate to a site with power and a network.

Several beneficiaries called into the radio talk show to share their success stories with the money they received from the PDM Disbursement. They called for increased funding for the projects, while others commended Uganda’s President, His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, for the well-planned initiative that employs many Ugandans in a variety of economic activities.

The DRDC warned beneficiaries to spend the money on the enterprise they choose, and those who got it to avoid reckless spending because this is a revolving fund.

“This is a five-year project, but it is subject to change or review in case of any abuse,” the DRDC stated in a statement. “Over 80% of beneficiaries have invested the money in productive ventures and are thriving very well.”

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