Success and Accountability Highlighted in Kabale District’s Youth Livelihood Program (YLP)

In Kabale District, eighteen young groups received a total of Shs. 136 million through the government's Youth Livelihood Program (YLP) during a training session held at the Kabale District Rukiiko Hall.

At least eighteen (18) young groups in Kabale district received Shs. 136 million from the government’s young Livelihood Program (YLP) during a training session at the Kabale District Rukiiko Hall.

The Kabale District Community Office organized the training to help the beneficiaries manage and repay the monies. Mr. Moses Akampurira, Kabale District Community Development Officer, underlined the program’s circular nature, reminding participants that the funds must be returned within three years to help other groups.

Kabirago and Muguli Groups Recognized for Timely Repayment and Growth:

Akampurira praised the Kabirago and Muguli Youth Groups of Rubaya sub-county for their outstanding achievement in returning YLP money on schedule and efficiently using them in agricultural initiatives. Their commitment earned them additional funding from the district to help them grow their enterprises.

Mr. Fred Kalyesubura, the Kabale District Administrative Officer, warned the youth organizations against wasting the funds on unproductive activities, emphasizing the necessity of careful financial management. He also urged the sub-county community development officials to provide direction and track the groups’ progress to ensure the program’s success.

The YLP is a national project designed to reduce youth unemployment and poverty. It works in all 146 districts of Uganda, providing loans to organized youth groups for a maximum repayment period of three years at a 5% interest rate. Notably, charities who return the funds within one year are immune from interest charges.

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