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President Museveni Urges Focus on Wealth Creation in Gomba and Sembabule

He advised leaders to prioritize economic development over political activities that distract and perpetuate poverty.

President Yoweri Museveni has encouraged Gomba and Sembabule leaders to emphasise wealth building among district residents.

“What you should emphasise is wealth creation in homes because these other things are meant to waste your time and even leaders who take you in politicking are just keeping you in poverty,” he argued.

President Museveni made the statements while meeting with political leaders and elders from the Sembabule and Gomba districts at State House Entebbe.

The President informed the leaders that in the 1960s, he was forced to disagree with some Democratic Party (DP) leaders who suggested that they oppose government development initiatives after the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) manipulated the 1962 elections.

“In the 1960s, I was a member of the DP and UPC stole the elections of 1962, then some leaders told us that we should denounce all government development programs because UPC had hijacked the government,” according to him.

“I disagreed with Mzee Byanyima. I said that was a significant loss. We held elections in 1962, and the next election would be in 1967. Now was a long time to convince my DP supporters to oppose development because the UPC had taken over the government. I informed Mzee Byanyima that while the UPC has hijacked the government, it has not hijacked farming, so we should continue farming. When you witness this awakening in the livestock corridor, it began in the 1960s.”

President Museveni also explained to the leaders that with stable incomes, the people they lead will be able to improve their livelihoods and become prosperous. 

“Now that you have income, you may install water harvesting in your home because you have the funds. Even before the government’s water arrives, you can have your own. Even if the energy has not arrived, you can have solar power and biogas from cow dung, so prioritize household earnings first; the rest will be added to you,” the President said.

“So please assist me with this notion of emphasizing wealth building among households. “Once we solve this, other things will be easy.”

President Museveni also asked the leaders to educate villagers about government programs such as the Parish Development Model (PDM) to combat poverty.

“With the Parish Development Model, each parish receives Shs100m, and we want everyone to receive a loan of Shs1 million. The Shs1 million can help you cultivate coffee on one acre or buy three goats and start there. When 100 persons complete the project successfully, they set a good example for the parish, and others will follow suit the next year. As a result, the best thing to do is get started so that others can follow in your footsteps,” he explained.

“When it comes to health, we usually emphasize preventative health, and the health center III is the cornerstone of health prevention because it includes immunization, midwifery, a health inspector, and treatment. But I realize we will need to create a big hospital there and it should handle serious issues like accidents, young girls who get complications while giving birth and other serious diseases.”

The President also chastised some leaders for failing to implement the NRM governance system, which is intended to hold authority accountable for successful service delivery.

On the other hand, he reiterated his campaign against unjust landlords who annoy tenants.

“Land grabbing shouldn’t exist. “All those who take part should be imprisoned; we have enough space for them,” he said.

Anifah Kawooya, Minister of State for Health (General Duties), thanked the President for the meeting and praised him for his wealth creation gospel, which has guided growth in the two districts of Gomba and Sembabule.

“Your Excellency, we are grateful for the Parish Development Model project. It worked brilliantly in Sembabule. Our people have been able to cultivate coffee and purchase boda bodas and cars because of the PDM program,” she said. 

Mary Begumisa, a woman Member of Parliament from Sembabule District, praised the President for Uganda’s current state of sustainable peace and prosperity.

On behalf of the delegation, she stated that they will continue to support the National Resistance Movement’s (NRM) Manifesto, which aims to transform the country socially and economically.

“Your Excellency, these people love you so much and they are key in sensitising locals to embrace government projects,” Begumisa told the crowd.

She also commended President Museveni for his assistance for coffee production in Sembabule, adding that the cash crop has acquired high pricing and a larger market, boosting the livelihoods of farmers in the area.

“We therefore need a coffee processing plant for value addition,” the politician stated.

Gomba West County Robina Rwakoojo, a Member of Parliament, praised President Museveni for his poverty alleviation program in the selected nine villages of Gomba and Sembabule, which has helped to build wealth for the people of the two districts.

Geoffrey Kiviiri, the Gomba District LCV Chairperson, urged that the President assist tenants who have been disappointed by some landlords in the district by purchasing land for them through the Land Fund.

Ssalongo Ben Mukiibi, an elder and war veteran from Nyabitanga sub-county in Sembabule District, reminded President Museveni of his role to the 1981-1986 liberation fight that brought the NRM government to power.
“I thank Hon. Begumisa for bringing me to you and I thank you for accepting to meet us,” according to him.

The conference was also attended by Lwemiyaga County MP Theodore Ssekikubo, Mawogola North MP Shartsi Musherure, district chairpersons, RDCs, religious leaders, LC3 chairpersons, and NRM leaders.

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