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President Museveni Praises Model Farmers in West Nile Sub-Region

During his tour of the West Nile Sub-region on Tuesday 11th April 2023, President Museveni congratulated Mr. Aliamoi Swaib and his family for rigorously following his advice of adopting contemporary commercial and calculated farming that has propelled him into the money economy. The President portrayed the progressive farmer as a co-teacher who listens and follows instructions.

“I am delighted to be here with the Vice President and Prime Minister to witness the fulfillment of our Gospel, as I have been telling Ugandans.” I’d want to thank Aliamoi’s family. They are the disciples of the Gospel, Simon and Peter. Jesus said, “Follow me, and together we will create a new world.” “Some believed, while others did not,” he remarked.

Mr. Aliamoi Swaib is a model farmer who has engaged in cassava, oranges, and goat farming on a 53-acre plot of land in Abario Cell – Rhino Camp Town Council.

According to Hon. Joan Aniku, the Woman Member of Parliament for Madi Okollo District, the story of Mzee Swaib’s climb into the money economy began in 2015, following his bumper cassava crop harvest.

Following President Museveni’s recommendation to develop citrus fruits, the farmer moved into orange farming, planting over 400 trees that earn him over Uganda Shillings 20 million per acre. Mzee Swaib has also planted mango trees and expects to earn more than Shillings 40 million.

Mr. Swaib is schooling his children with agricultural profits. He has also built a permanent house, purchased a solar lighting system, and is the first family in the neighborhood to have piped water connected to his residence.

President Museveni praised Mr. Swaib’s family once more for demonstrating the truth of the wealth creation gospel.

“I thank Mzee Swaib and his family for proving our preaching correct.” Mzee Swaib has joined me as a co-teacher. I speak, and he follows my instructions. “I’ll give him a tractor and a pickup for that,” the President added.

On some of the concerns highlighted by the Woman MP Madi Okollo district Hon. Joan Aniku, the President agreed with the Member of Parliament and asked the Prime Minister to guarantee that the majority of the roads in the region are worked on.

“We intend to build a road from Pakwach to Rifule along the Nile.” We’ll start with the murram roads, which may take some time. “That will be overseen by the Prime Minister,” he stated.

At Mr. Moses Obeta’s property, where Mr. Agandru Alex offered him 400 acres of land, President Museveni expressed his gratitude to the family for demonstrating to Ugandans that riches can be made via commercial farming.

Mr. Obetia raises goats, cows, and sheep in Oyuu village, Anibi Parish, Rhino Camp sub-county.

“Some have claimed Museveni is Enzo (a liar).” I am an opponent of family poverty. This is a fight I began in the 1960s. The livestock corridor currently spans all the way from Tanzania to here. “Milk is now being exported to Algeria,” he explained.

President Museveni promised to provide Mr. Obetia with barbed wire and concrete poles that will not be devoured by ants or rot due to soil conditions.

Mr. Bayo Richard and his wife Alisaba Eunice, who live at Eyama Cell in Ewadri Ward, Ayivu East Division- Arua City, are another success story observed by the President. The pair runs an integrated farm with mango trees, fruit saplings, piggery, and poultry. They are now extensively entangled in the financial system.

The pair revealed that they began their farm while still at university in 2011, utilizing money from their allowances of 600,000/=.
President Museveni vowed to help them by installing a solar irrigation system.

“I am delighted to see Mr. Bayo and his wife Eunice because it has been said that NRM is Enzo (lying).” “This demonstrates that we can all become wealthy,” he said.

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