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President Museveni Announces a New Parish Development Model Directive

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

The President stated that people who borrow money from the PDM should not be under any pressure to pay it back immediately; instead, they should be given more time in a speech to the NRM parliamentary caucus on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, which is presently on retreat at the National Leadership Institute (NALI) in the Kyankwanzi region.

He claimed that on his most recent presidential tours, he had heard many anxieties and grievances from the locals.

In the presence of the First Lady, Janet Museveni, Museveni claimed to have overheard many residents’ concerns and complaints on the most recent presidential travels.

Because PDM is primarily concerned with agriculture, crops take time to mature. Let the borrowers start making payments after 24 months, he advised.

The borrower has the choice of repaying the loan in full at once or over the period of 24 to 36 months, according to Museveni.

“The goal is for our people to thrive, not to grow the SACCO fund,” he continued. Therefore, don’t just concentrate on raising money to expand.

Over Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), which offered subsidies in exchange for a one-time infusion of seed money into SACCOs, the parish development plan is an improvement.

He asked MPs to always give residents the clearest instructions possible on these programs.

He emphasized how crucial effective communication between leaders and regular citizens is. Museveni claims that the aristocratic ‘Abasoma’ before in Ankole, for instance, had little regard for the common people, even though some of them were not impoverished.

The main conflict between the aristocratic ‘Abasoma’ and commoners has been this. During my travels, I observed that the ‘abasoma’ were unconcerned and that some of them did not know how to speak to them in a way that they could understand.

He also criticized corruption, which he said continued to be a major barrier to the implementation of these key programs. When certain RDCs requested payment in many cases, I discovered outright corruption.

Using the Gulu region as an example, the President recommended that the PDM secretariat avoid from bullying people as they form SACCOs. The president claimed that people there rushed to form SACCOs without adhering to the correct processes.

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