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Government Invests Sh390 Billion In Emyooga Project

4,114,200 direct recipients are receiving assistance from the Presidential Initiative, which has already mobilized 205,710 parish associations under 6,748 Emyooga SACCOs.

The campaign has already engaged 205,710 parish associations under 6,748 Emyooga SACCOs, and is currently providing support to 4,114,200 direct recipients.

The comments were made by Minister of State Planning Amos Lugoloobi as he discussed the progress made in carrying out the 2021–2026 promises of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), the party in power.

Emyooga is the presidential initiative on wealth and job creation.

It was introduced in August 2019 as a component of a larger government policy that aims to convert 68% of homesteads from subsistence to market-oriented production with the overarching goal of fostering job development and raising household incomes.

The initiative’s 18 categories, which include the bulk of Ugandans who were previously financially excluded and engaged in comparable specialized enterprise categories, are at its core.

To improve the effectiveness of their projects and, ultimately, their revenues, they are assisted with both technical and financial help.

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