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Emyooga Turns an Obongi Woman Into a Successful Entrepreneur

The owner of the Obongi Emyooga restaurant becomes a billionaire on November 29, 2023.
Lukia Dilinga a 46 year old single mother in a photo near her restaurant with RDC Samuel Mpimbaza Hashaka on Wednesday

The owner of the Obongi Emyooga restaurant becomes a billionaire on November 29, 2023.

Using money she received from the Emyooga programs, one of the owners of the Obongi Emyooga Restaurant is changing her life and creating multiple success stories. A 46-year-old Obongi Constituency Restaurant Owners SACCO member named Lukia Dilinga borrowed 10 million shillings from the Emyooga SACCO’s group account over the course of three installments. She is currently enjoying financial breakthrough and success in a short amount of time in her rapidly expanding business in Obongi District.

She claims that when she first opened a restaurant, she only served food from the area and made over 300,000/= every day. Three years later, she built a six-door commercial home, each of which is rented for 100,000 shillings a month, for a total of 600,000/= per month.

Lukia, a widow whose husband left her when her three kids were small, demonstrated fortitude in the face of loneliness. While the other child just finished S4, one of her children has completed Senior Six (S.6). Lukia acknowledged the good influence the Emyooga group SACCOs had on her life and gave them credit for helping her transform into a landlady.

She announced with pride that her kids were attending better schools now that Lukia was paying for their boarding school education in Kampala and Arua. To increase her wealth, she intends to make more investments by purchasing animals and starting a second restaurant.

Lukia expressed her gratitude to His Excellency the President of the Republic of Uganda and Minister Kasolo for starting the Emyooga program, which freed her from the shackles of poverty in Obongi District. She highlighted how she was no longer dependent on other people for financial support and could now eat meat, hire employees, and be her own boss.

Lukia emphasized that success is attainable by taking part in government programs like Emyooga, encouraging single mothers to never give up. She encouraged everyone to contribute to PDM and Emyooga programs in order to improve their situation going forward and move from being dependent to owning land.

The public is being urged to follow the excellent investment example set by Lukia Dilinga, an Emyooga beneficiary who has now become a true success story in Obongi District and throughout Northern Uganda, by Obongi Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Samuel Mpimbaza Hashaka. Hashaka said that Bear Zuria, Lukia’s daughter, has finished her S4 at St. Mary’s Ejoke Girls SS and hopes to work as an engineer soon.

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