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Empowering Vulnerable Youth: PISGBC Celebrates Skills Showcase in Kampala

Students demonstrated proficiency in various areas including embroidery, hairdressing, bakery, tailoring, knitting, leather design, and shoe making.
The Guest on Honour ONC Kampala Regional Coordinator Kizito Moses Nsubuga Director of the Presidential Initiative on Skilling the GirlBoy Child PISGBC Project Dr Faith Katana Mirembe Senior Presidential Adviser for the Elderly Princess Pauline Nassalo PISGBC project manager Namale Juliet PISGBC Luzira centre Administration and Student cut the cake after a successful showcasing ceremony at the Presidential Initiative for Skilling the GirlBoy Child Luzira centre in Kampala on the 28th May 2024 Photo by PPUTony Rujuta

On Tuesday, May 28, 2024, students from the Presidential Initiative on Skilling the Girl and Boy Child (PISGBC) project began displaying their creations.

The celebration took place in the Luzira Skilling Centre in the Prisons Complex, Luzira Prison in Kampala, where students of embroidery, hairdressing, bakery, tailoring, knitting, leather design, and shoe making displayed their creations.

Kampala regional co-ordinator Moses Kizito Nsubuga, who represented the head of the ONC office, Hajjat Hadijah Uzeiye Namyalo, as the Chief Guest, praised President Yoweri Museveni for considering the vulnerable youth in Kampala in particular and Uganda in general when he decided to offer them vocational skills free of charge in order to improve their livelihoods.

As a result, he urged the pupils to put their newly acquired skills to use, stating that no one else is accountable for their fate.

“Do not give up; this is only the beginning. You’ve learned the skills; now, put them into practice by starting small and becoming big,” he stated.

“You should not disappoint Uganda’s President after he has given you these capabilities. Let the President appear one day and declare, “Yes, I did this, and my people are now benefiting from the skills I provided them.” So, let us send in these young people for skills training so that we have a poverty-free and crime-free neighborhood so that we may enjoy our city, Kampala, as we vote again for the President in 2026,” he said.

Tailoring students showing the knowledge and skills they have acquired during a showcasing ceremony at the Presidential Initiative for Skilling the GirlBoy Child Luzira centre in Kampala on the 28th May 2024

Dr Faith Mirembe Katana, Special Presidential Assistant on Education and Skilling and Head of PISGBC, defended the State House budget, pointing out that the Presidency has a lot of activities, including child skilling in nine centers around Kampala and other skilling hubs across the country.

She urged the political elite not to mislead the public about the State House budget.

“Detractors who claim the State House budget is excessive should be aware that it covers a wide range of operations, including rent for skilling centers, salaries, supplies, food, and water, among others. The President has various programs, such as poverty alleviation. So, we implore politicians not to be misguided, and don’t mislead the people if you are misguided,” she stated.

Katana also advised students to apply what they had learned.

“It is not money that can develop you and promote you, what you need is a product and service; the quality of the product that promotes the country,” she said.

Katana also urged the students to ensure that the things they are producing meet global market standards.

“What will promote us as a country is the quality of the product, service, and finishing. They must meet accepted global market requirements.

The majority graduated.

Joyce Athieno, administrator of the Luzira Skilling Centre, indicated that 566 students from the current intake are ready to sit for exams.

She also stated that 6,382 of the 8,103 adolescents who registered for various programs in January 2018 have finished and graduated.

“Most of them have created jobs for themselves and also employed other youth,” she said.

Athieno applauded President Museveni for the successful initiative. She also complimented Dr. Johnson Byabashaija, Commissioner General of Prisons, for offering a free training facility for kids.

She also praised State House Comptroller Jane Barekye, Katana, Dr. Hillary Musoke Kisanja, and all other stakeholders for their persistent support of the project.

Athieno went on to say that, in addition to youth skill development, another curriculum activity focused on ideology and patriotism was included, and it has had a big impact on students’ thinking.

She further stated that the newly implemented sports curriculum has improved students’ talents, physical health, and mental stability, and that a sports gala is held every semester including all nine Skilling Centres from Kampala’s five divisions.

“When the idea for a sports gala arose, Luzira Centre did not sleep, but instead organized a girl’s football club squad called PISGBC Queens, which we registered with FUFA. It competes in Kampala’s third level league. “They are ranked fourth out of 21 teams,” she stated.


During the same event, some of the recipients shared testimonials about how the Luzira Skilling Centre has changed their life.

Julius Mugisha revealed that he was recruited from Kinawataka’s ghetto in the Nakawa division.

“A friend informed me that the Presidential Initiative on Skilling the Girl and Boy Child was currently underway at the Luzira Centre. I enrolled in 2021 and graduated in six months. I now have a workshop in Kinawataka and create five pairs of back-to-school shoes per day, which I sell for shillings 50,000,” he explained.

He encouraged his fellow adolescents to enroll in skilling centers and to take use of numerous SACCOs established by the government, such as Emyooga, to obtain cash to launch their businesses.

Sylvia Nabukeera thanked President Museveni for the project and encouraged fellow Ugandans to strive for self-development.

Ronald Musoke also testified and praised President Museveni for the effort, despite the fact that after being engaged in an accident, his right hand was rendered useless and he felt the entire world was against him.

“I am grateful to President Museveni for the project, which has helped me to find my weaving ability despite the fact that I only use my left hand. The initiative has given me hope. “Now I feel like a Ugandan and a man,” he explained.

The lively event was preceded by magnificent cultural performances by students, demonstrating that, in addition to learning skills in various projects, they were also profoundly involved in reinforcing their cultural roots.

Among those in attendance at the ceremony were officials from the Office of the National Chairman (ONC)-NRM, security officers, and local politicians.

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