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Empowering Persons with Disabilities through Successful PDM Fund Utilization in Kamuli Municipality

Kamuli Municipality officials report significant progress among Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in effectively utilizing the Parish Development Model (PDM) funds.

Kamuli Municipality officials say that Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) have made substantial progress in the proper use of Parish Development Model (PDM) monies. The Municipality received Shs1.08 billion, while each of the ten parishes earned Shs108,500,000 to invest in various projects.

Stanislaus Mangasa, Kamuli Town Clerk, expressed delight, adding that PWDs are taking the initiative and making substantial progress in using the monies. The grants aim to increase household earnings and instill an entrepreneurial and productive mindset in the beneficiaries.

Isaac Ibanda, Kamuli Municipality Production Officer and PDM focal point officer, stated that people are embracing modern farming practices and effectively utilizing the assistance provided by field personnel and structures.

Wycliffe Kamadhi, a 46-year-old PWD from Bukabale Zone, Northern Division, utilized the monies to buy a crossbred cow. He underlined the significance of proving that people with disabilities can achieve in a variety of fields. Kamadhi, who grows matooke (plantains) and raises goats and native chickens, advised that the government consider physical ability when allocating cash.

Eva Nabirye, a 63-year-old widow, used PDM funds to purchase eight pigs, with a projected return of Shs2.4 million. Nabirye, who lives near pork butchers and local breweries, decided to invest in piggery. She recounted her success, stating that individuals are already willing to pay Shs300,000 per pig.

Officials have instructed extension field staff on how to promote enterprise management and positively improve household incomes.

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