Disadvantaged Kampala Children In Gov’t Skill Development Programs

At the Wabigalo Skilling Center in Makindye Division's presentation of products manufactured by formerly ghetto boys and girls, Hon. Kabanda served as the ceremony's guest of honor.

In order to qualify for free training at the skilling centers under the Presidential Initiative on Skilling the Girl/Boy Child (PISGBC) project, only the least fortunate children from the city’s five (5) divisions should be recommended, according to Hajjat Minsa Kabanda, Minister of Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs.

A student of mechanics at the Presidential Initiative on skilling the GirlBoy Child PISGB demonstrates to a guest on how they have learnt in motor wiring garden at the PISGB Wabigabo branch in Kampala

According to her, this will give Kampala’s underprivileged and vulnerable youngsters the chance to learn skills that will help them break negative habits like crime and living on the streets while also emancipating them economically.

“As the Kampala Minister, I want these kids to find work. Therefore, LCs make sure that you only approve Kampala-based children, not those from distant locations like Bundibugyo, Kasese, and others. They might benefit from the zonal industrial clusters that President Yoweri Museveni created there, she said.

At the Wabigalo Skilling Center in Makindye Division’s presentation of products manufactured by formerly ghetto boys and girls, Hon. Kabanda served as the ceremony’s guest of honor.

According to Hajjat Kabanda, the President promised to open new skilling centers in Kampala because the city’s population is continuing to rise.

The Minister encouraged the recipients to never revert to their bad habits of drug use, drinking, and prostitution after seeing them produce multiple high-quality products soon after receiving their training.

These kids are able to learn skills for self-employment in just six months. People with degrees and diplomas don’t have work, but these kids suddenly have jobs because they are skilled, she claimed.

“Thank you for loving President Museveni and for loving your country,” the Minister said.

The Minister stated that she will speak with higher authorities to identify some area in the city to be handed to them for huge manufacturing of goods when it comes to the subject of acquiring land for the development of an Industry where common user machines for production will be put.

Hajjat Kabanda gave authorities of Kampala city instructions about education to make sure that students are not expelled from government schools because of a lack of uniforms, improper school fees, or a lack of food.