Develop Young Entrepreneurs’ Skills So They Can Take Advantage Of PDM

The sole program remaining in operation at the College of Business and Management Sciences, according to its principal, Prof. Eria Hisali, is community training, which is part of the Entrepreneurship Center.
Makerere promotes entrepreneurship among students

Makerere University has started educating entrepreneurs to teach them how to take use of and handle the monies from the Parish Development Model (PDM) program through the Entrepreneurship and Outreach Center.

Dr. Sarah Bimbona, director of the Makerere Entrepreneurship and Outreach Center, states that the training was intended for a variety of company owners, particularly those who were curious about how to obtain and utilize PDM, particularly those residing in the Kampala suburb of Kawempe.

“We intend to help them after providing them with training on all of the pillars. Among other things, we have taught them how to develop a business plan, improve the quality of their goods and services, and provide excellent customer service,” the spokesperson stated.

She claimed that the teams went to their locations and instructed them on how to market their goods, maintain a clean environment, collaborate with others, and take advantage of the PDM monies.

She added the extensive training was designed to assist them in utilizing the PDM model to grow their businesses to new heights.

“To create economic transformation in the country, we are leaving it to PDM supporters to support them now that they are ready to access PDM,” the speaker stated.

This occurred on Thursday at Makerere University during the certificate-giving ceremony for the entrepreneurs, who included Bwaise, producers of Tugende Tukole furniture, the women’s food sellers group, Kitobero Development, and the car-washing group.

Bringing others with you

The sole program remaining in operation at the College of Business and Management Sciences, according to its principal, Prof. Eria Hisali, is community training, which is part of the Entrepreneurship Center.

He stated that while the institution is accountable for its own research and teaching, it also understands that it cannot exist independently.

We are reaching out to the local community to see what we can do to assist their endeavor because, even if we are able to exist on our own, it is crucial that, in order for society to be peaceful, we bring other people with us as we advance. This is the first, but it won’t be the final initiative. Rather, we will carry on collaborating with you and the community on many projects,” he declared.

Godfrey Lule of Tugende Tukole furniture merchants Bwaise praised Makerere for her intervention, stating that the knowledge and abilities she received would significantly change their company and raise the bar for innovation.

“After the training, some of us realized we needed to first make a business plan, receive the necessary training on how to manage it, and then consider how to increase capital,” the speaker stated. “Some of us came here ready to receive money.”

With the skills they learned at Makerere, he added, “we are now seeking more support towards more capital to acquire the necessary machinery in carpentry, washing bays, cooking, among others.” The furniture they are manufacturing, he claimed, has already improved as a result of the training.

Accept initiatives aimed at reducing poverty

Operation Wealth Creation’s Edward Katende pleaded with business owners to use PDM and Emyooga to expand their enterprises.

He pushed them to think about how to run their firm, find new markets, and take responsibility in addition to money in order to increase their revenue.

“What Makerere has done is timely because even at PDM, we require a business plan, and this is where your wealth comes from,” he remarked.

In order to support their ideas to the individuals who have the money to support them in expanding their enterprises, Katende pledged to join Makerere University College of Business.

“This is the government’s desired action for universities in the nation to combat poverty,” he stated.

In order to make sure they make more money for themselves, he threw down the gauntlet to participate in the upcoming food festival in December.

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