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26 Kikuube SACCOS Received Sh3b PDM Funds

Kikuube district local government received Sh3.15 billion to assist over 20 savings and credit co-operative societies (SACCOS) with over 2,000 beneficiaries.

Kikuube district local government received Sh3.15 billion to assist over 20 savings and credit co-operative societies (SACCOS) with over 2,000 beneficiaries.

Peter Banura, speaking at the occasion held in Kikuube district headquarters on Thursday, praised President Yoweri Museveni for initiating this program. Banura further stated that the recipients have been educated about the scheme and are ready to participate.

He pushed the beneficiaries to make effective use of PDM funding, noting that while the government has invested money in various initiatives, people have remained impoverished because the funds are constantly invested in non-profitable activities.

He stated that he would not tolerate anyone destroying PDM because it was started by the President to enable the poorest Ugandans find work and generate revenue.

Banura stated that if PDM money is used wisely, beneficiaries will be able to produce food and supply the market created by oil and gas.

He stated that Kikuube had received 3.15 billion shillings, but that they were ready to distribute 2.25 billion shillings to 2,428 beneficiaries. He also stated that they are currently registering beneficiaries who will receive the remaining sum.

He observed that some persons did not have national identity cards, while others supplied information to a system that did not match their National IDS, and he vowed that his office will work with the appropriate authorities to ensure that all targeted people benefit from the initiative.

Kikuube Resident District Commissioner Amlan Tumusiime also praised President Museveni for launching the program, which he said will help impoverished people escape poverty.

He pushed the beneficiaries to adjust their perspective toward work, saying that with the right mindset, the shillings one million handed to them may turn into shillings ten million or shillings twenty million.

Tumusiime recommended that as people receive money, there is a need to continue engaging the recipients to ensure that the money is used wisely and invested in productive ventures.

However, he stated that if the money given to the beneficiaries is to be invested and have an impact, it is necessary to assist them in obtaining land security.

Tumusiime went on to say that people are not settling on land to do development because of rising land conflicts between the rich and the poor.

Buhaguzi East Member of Parliament Steven Itaza Asera advised the beneficiaries to constantly report when things aren’t going well in order to ensure that the program’s progress is tracked.

Asera stated that this time, as leaders, they will work together to ensure that this program does not fail like previous ones.

During the program’s debut, works state minister Fred Byamukama urged PDM beneficiaries in the Bunyoro region from engaging in unprofitable enterprises.

Kikuube was not doing well for PDM at the start, but he was pleased with how the program was proceeding.

“I remember coming here at the start of the program, there was a lot of mess, and I arrested a councillor who tried to interfere,” he added. “But I want to thank the leaders for working hard to see this program moving as expected.”

Before initiating the initiative, Byamukama directed the bank to wire the monies to the beneficiaries’ phones.

He stated that each parish will receive shillings 100 million each year, and those who missed this phase will receive it the next year.

According to him, the government hopes that this money will assist Ugandans in improving their social and economic change.

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