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President Museveni Donates 50 Boda Bodas to Nubian Youths in Bombo


Statehouse Comptroller Ms. Jane Barekye

50 motorcycles/boda bodas were been given to young Nubians in Nakatonya community, Bombo Town Council, Luweero District by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

The State House Comptroller, Ms. Jane Barekye, turned over the boda boda stage to the youngsters under the umbrella of Nakatonya Bombo-Nubian Youth Association yesterday, June 3, 2023, on behalf of the President.

Ms. Barekye informed the enthusiastic gathering that President Museveni was pleased with the Nakatonya people for their support, and as a token of his gratitude, he decided to honor their request for 50 boda bodas.

“Due to your thoughtful planning and strategic positioning, the President noticed you and decided to assist you. He usually notices you when he walks by, so he sent us to find out how he can assist you. Ms. Barekye thanked the youths for their support of him and the NRM Government”.
Additionally, the State House Comptroller urged youth to effectively use boda boda services to generate income.

“Boda bodas are an income source; make good use of them, don’t sell them, and use them to build wealth. They have helped people in Kampala better their standard of living, she continued”.
In addition, Ms. Barekye informed the Bombo Nubian community that President Museveni was prepared to address all of their concerns and urged them to support initiatives like the Parish Development Model (PDM) to combat local poverty.

“The President is well aware of how much the Nubian community adores him. All of your wishes will be fulfilled. Please participate in government initiatives like PDM so that you can profit and improve your livelihoods because the President has been fighting poverty for years, she pleaded”.

Maj. Emma Kuteesa, who was in charge of the State House Comptroller’s team dispatched to Nakatonya village to assess the requirements of the youths, revealed that the President had also granted the teenagers’ desire to join the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF).

These young people are well-organized. They partied all night long after President Museveni won the most recent general elections. They mentioned their desire to enlist in the military to Mzee throughout our exchange. As the D13 youngsters chanted, Maj. Kuteesa stated, “The President has now ordered that we write down their names and transmit the list to the CDF so that he recruits them in the army.

The package, according to Mr. Ronald Ndawula, the NRM District Chairperson for Luweero, was given to the youth as a reward for their love and support of President Museveni.
Mr. Ndawula also urged the youths to put improving their lives ahead of being distracted by egotistical opposition leaders.

“Those who are well-prepared succeed. I appreciate the D13 youth for situating themselves to the point where they might be acknowledged by the President, he remarked”.
The head of the boda boda project, Mr. Abubaker Ahmed, praised President Museveni for complying with their request and vowed to support the NRM government in perpetuity.

The President pledged to meet with us after he saw us on stage four months prior, and more recently, he sent a team from the White House to ask us how we would like the President to assist us. We found boda boda drivers and received a request to assist some of us in enlisting,” Mr. Ahmed stated.

“The Nakatonya young are in favor of NRM. NRM runs through us like blood. Despite all the difficulties, we vowed to continue supporting Mzee. We appreciate the help, Madam Barekye and Mzee. This is a collaborative initiative from which everyone will gain. Please convey our gratitude to Mzee for this assistance, he added”.

Mr. Ahmed also complimented President Museveni for establishing freedom and peace in Uganda, which has allowed the nation to develop.
Ms. Jimia Musa Senkanja, the chairperson of the women’s council for the Luweero District, commended the president for empowering young people via initiatives like the Presidential Zonal Industrial Hub.

“I appreciate the President educating the youth. I also expressed my gratitude to Madam Jane for initiating the Presidential Zonal Industrial Hub initiative. The center in Kayunga has been really beneficial for our youth. However, with 21 sub-counties, the 20 seats we have as Luweero are insufficient. It will be better if you give us our own hub, said Ms. Jimia”.

“I also want to express my gratitude to D13’s youth for this endeavor. Although you have accomplished something fantastic, people see you as someone who deters crime. The President has shown his appreciation for you in part by giving you boda bodas because of this”.

Ms. Barekye received praise from Mr. Osman Kassim, the mayor of Bombo Town Council, for delivering President Museveni’s fulfilled promise.
He further stated that Bombo has consistently been a staunch NRM supporter, as demonstrated by the area’s resounding support for President Museveni and other party candidates in the most recent general elections.

The D13 youngsters are excellent at mobilizing the NRM. They have consistently backed NRM candidates in elections, even without assistance, but now, Mr. Kassim said, “we are really glad that their labor has finally paid off.

President Museveni was reassured by Mr. Abdu Nassib Sebi, the Chairperson of D13 and one of the boda boda recipients, that his donation would not go to waste since they would use the motorcycles to fight poverty and improve their lives.

“We are motivated young people. President Museveni stated, “We are going to use these boda bodas to accomplish his objective to create wealth”.
Another beneficiary, Mr. Yusuf Doka, said, “We are really grateful for this amazing donation from the President. Additionally, as Bombo’s young, we pledge to help Mzee Pakalat in return for this generosity.

The event’s recipients gave President Museveni a mat as a token of their appreciation. Ms. Barekye was given the task of delivering it to the President.

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