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African American Development Partners and Gen. Salim Saleh explore Karamoja Investment Potential

General Salim Saleh, the chief coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation, met with the senior presidential advisor on diaspora affairs, Ambassador Abbey Walusimbi, African American Development Partners, and local business leaders in Napak State, Karamoja.

President Museveni gave General Salim Saleh the task to encourage commerce and investment in the region because he loves the people of Karamoja, according to General Salim Saleh, Head of Operation Wealth Creation and Senior Presidential Advisor.

It should be highlighted that President Museveni’s visionary leadership has been crucial in accelerating development in the Karamoja Sub-region by leveraging the financial clout of the African Diaspora community on a global scale. “For too long, the Karamoja region has been disregarded, and we are determined to alter that. To provide new possibilities and improve the quality of life in the neighborhood, we are dedicated to collaborating with our African American development partners, General Saleh stated.

In order to get the African American development partners to make investments in Karamoja, Ambassador Walusimbi emphasized the abundance of prospects present there. The opportunity to collaborate with African American development partners to realize the potential of the Karamoja region is welcome, he said.

President Museveni is intent on making Uganda a magnet for investment, according to the SPA/DA. In an effort to increase commerce and investment, he said, the President has secured ongoing peace and stability.

Irene Kaggwa Sewankambo, the executive director of the Uganda Communication Commission, stated that expanding the film industry is viable in the Karamoja and revealed plans for constructing the largest film production facilities in Africa. We are dedicated to assisting the film industry’s expansion since it has the ability to generate jobs and propel regional economic growth, she added.

The signature of an MOU between the American delegation and the Karamoja community, according to one of the African American development partners, is proof of the effectiveness of cooperation and creativity in advancing progress.

He said that it demonstrated the tremendous prospects that are accessible, and they look forward to cooperating with local authorities to fully exploit its potential.

Having served as the county’s representative for the past 20 years, Jie County MP Hon. Lokii Peter Abraham greeted the development partners and urged them to take advantage of the investment prospects in Karamoja. Additionally, he expressed gratitude to President Museveni for the region’s improved infrastructure, including tarmac roads and power, which favors the establishment of businesses there.

Mzee Kodet Cornelius Loreka, Chairman of Kodet International Ltd. and multimillionaire with a net worth of $60 million, thanked President Museveni for appointing Gen. Salim Saleh as the government’s chief listener. Gen. Saleh has turned Karamoja into a hotspot for investment by luring development partners, creating new opportunities and enhancing livelihoods.

Major General Idro Phillips, the OWC’s principal advisor, and Lomma Phillips Limlim, the organization’s secretary general, were among those present at the conference.

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